Tips to Prolong Your Furnace’s Life

Most of us tend to neglect the needs of our air conditioning and heating system until it is too late. Once your furnace unavoidably breathes its final breath, you will be waiting for the help of a certified HVAC technician to come over while you and the members of your household are wearing toques and jackets all over the house. If you want your furnace to last long this winter, you need to be equipped with the proper tools and the 5 tips below regarding how to extend your furnace’s life.

Set up a programmable thermostat

Do not overwork your furnace since it could make it inefficient easily. Even if you are warm enough, you are weakening the longevity of your furnace. If you fail to apply balance within the usage of your furnace, you will have to begin to expect it to die sooner. However, we tend to forget turning it off or down. Hence, how do you make a balance with the usage of your furnace without forgetting to do so? The key to this would be programmable and smart thermostats, which is helpful for you to control your heating system’s usage.

Change air filter

You should replace your air filter if it already looks like a dusty and old accordion. Since air filters are usually neglected, it could make your furnace suffer if you don’t have it cleaned or replaced if necessary. The function of the air filter is to protect your system from taking in debris and dirt within the furnace and to clean the air. Once your air filter is covered with dirt, your furnace should work double-time just to regulate the required temperature.

Stop air leaks

If your unit has air leaks, the warm air that your furnace worked for will be robbed. Air leaks can’t only drain the warm air of your property, it could also force your furnace to work longer and harder, which could minimize its lifespan. Any small spaces and gaps, such as your basement intrusions, kitchen vents, bathroom, walls, windows, and front door can enable air to come in. You should eliminate air leaks and prevent drafts to make sure that your home is insulated and sealed properly.

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